Postcards from Connecticut

Below are articles written by Isaac chronicling his time at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival as part of a six-week residency with the Maverick Brass Quintet.  


Postcard from Connecticut: Part 1

"Undoubtedly, the festival has given me the ability to improve as a musician in a way that no classroom or practice room can provide. In the space of three weeks, I have improved immensely as a musician; gaining a far better understanding of the intricacy of chamber music making......"


Postcard from Connecticut: Part 2

"While it's incredibly poignant to part ways with them, it's comforting for me to know that every one of the fellows of Norfolk Chamber Music Festival will go on to have successful careers and we are likely to cross paths again in the future. After all, it's not really farewell, but more like 'see you later'......"