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Theresia Youth Orchestra: Residency 23 - Orchestral

9 - 24 August 2019 - Rovereto (Italy) & Ossiach (Austria)

Conductor: Claudio Astronio

Joseph Martin KRAUS: Complete Ouverture

Residency 23 includes the CD recording of the program for a major world label

Concert on 16 August 2019 in Rovereto

Concert on 17 August 2019 in Bolzano (tbc)

Concert on 24 August 2019 in Ossiach

A world premiere on authentic instruments collecting all the overtures composed by Joseph Martin Kraus for his operas, ballets, theatre, politics and sacred music during his lifetime, plus his major symphonic output, the monumental Chaconne from the opera Aeneas I Cartago. A large-scale program requiring Theresia in its largest scale setting (44 elements) and including, besides a reinforced string and wind orchestra, Turkish music. This two-weeks project will also include seminars and other learning events linked to the profile and the music of Joseph Martin Kraus and its era.

Background Photo: Samuel Middleton Photography

Musician: Isaac Shieh